someone who puts on a false personality, usually in an attempt to get laid, or make friends with people of a different clique. a fronter may also show things off that aren’t theirs, such as their daddy’s rolex, their best friend’s whip, etc…
d-ckhead: did you see sean chillin’ with all those punk rock kids and listening to their music?

douchebag: yeah, he’s such a fronter.
meaning more than one person that fronts!!!
all of them are fronters!!!

they are a bunch of fronters!!!
fronter was created in the cold war as a method to keep back the russian invasion force, it was banned in 1991 as it was deemed as racist and couldnt be funded by the government any longer. it has multiple references to the great sir t-tus salt, as their lord and master of the slave race.
e.g have you been on fronter?
no… the russians are watching me.

god d-mn the commys
a male, often h-m-s-xual, who wipes their -ss from the front, or between the legs and under the b-lls. as a result, a “fronter” often has dirty b-lls.
man, i can’t believe he’s a fronter but his brother isn’t.
some one who starts fights for no reason, gets up in your grill, or acts hard when they’re not.
tom’s such a fronter, he tried to fight everyone at the party for no reason.
someone who shows or uses another person’s property and claims as their own.
you’re a fronter, that is’nt even your car!

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