Frosty Face

when you completely cover a girls face with j-zz.
dude i totally frosty faced jennifer last night

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  • frumpy inbred

    a name used to describe lifeguards who kick children out of swimming pools for disobeying the supervision rules, only to be chewed out by their irresponsible parents “come on billy, the frumpy inbred wants us to leave now”

  • frundge

    the liquid of combined feces and s-m-n that oozes out after -n-l s-x. i busted a nut in her p–per and when i pulled my c-ck out i got frundge on my sheets

  • fsc*nt

    short for “f-cking sh-t c-nt”. jovial mockery. when a friend does something particularly stupidly or extremely well (thus making you envious) they are often lablled an fsc-nt. fsc-nt is not a word for the weak, those who cannot interpret the above meaning correctly should avoid it at all costs. nb. an animal can never be […]

  • ftmu

    first time mac user. was common when the computer originally came to popularity, defining people that used every effect (bold, drop shadow, outlining etc) concurrently on everything they did. “good lord! look at that logo, it’s hideous! what’s with that?” “ftmu.”

  • f*cked to sh*t

    the art of being so deep, one cannot begin to even think of surfacing back into the normality of life. ‘charles, you didn’t make the last pick up on time. that’s three in a row. consider yourself f-ck-d to sh-t.’

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