frosty little cunt

the holy grail of swear words
jenavie is such a frosty little c-nt

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    the type of douchebag that thinks he’s high cl-ss and mis-uses large words such as plat-tudinous and subtly attracts people’s attention so people don’t forget that his tragic existence is present in a modern society. take a look at that mouth fedora talking about his high school debate career.

  • pearl talk

    when you think you sent a nude to someone on accident quinn….she pearl talks a lot

  • mirror warmer

    someone who spends most of their time looking at their reflection. bob:would you stop being a mirror warmer for a second?! jennifer:hold on!a few more moments!

  • styf

    afrikaans slang for getting an erection eg. yoh bra that girl made me styf

  • cap locker

    someone who always has caplocks on. did you see the game last night? stop yelling you cap locker

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