there aren’t any definitions for frount yet.

can you define it?

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  • portugese splashback

    the act of attempting to insert your p-n-s into a clenched -sshole before -j-c-l-t–n. the result of which ends in the -j-c-l-t- ricocheting onto your own face. i was so backed up last night that i ended up giving my wife a portugese splashback.

  • trumputantrum

    verb. 1) to throw a presidential size temper tantrum. 2) when the leader of the free world throws a temper tantrum little a cranky toddler. well, there he goes again. throwing a trumputantrum on twitter again.

  • francis w parker robotics club

    one of the most successful clubs in the united states, however n-body knows what goes on inside of room 181. the mystery of this team influences several conspiracies such as that inside the room contains a 1,000,000 gallon octopus tank. there is also a small closet in the back of the room containing a recording […]

  • slumboy

    a young male that does not have a job, no driver’s license, smokes marijuana, and rides around p-ssenger in his girlfriends car. bro chad is such a slumboy always smokin up with his girlfriends pay check.

  • blackfoot idaho

    a small town located between idahofalls and pocatello filled with hard working people that provide potatoes equipment to the world and home of premier technology a great company who provides engineering manufacturing and construction world wide. also called the potatoe capital. the snake river runs through it providing lots of recreation for boaters and fisherman. […]

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