a curse, usually said when agitated or frustrated, similar to ‘d-mn.’
*after stepping on a painful, upward facing plug*

1) a sing of exasperation, not to be taken literaly by someone not showing an obvious s-xual interest.

2) during intercourse, to be taken literally, sorta. means go harder and deeper.

3) exclaimation.
1) f-ck me if you aren’t an idiot

2) f-ck me! f-ck me! push it in!

3) *wakes up* f-ck me! i gotta be in court in one hour.
something i say to my boyfriend when he’s being to gentle
come on chris f-ck me, pound me like a mallard duck.
1) sarcastic reply towards a frustrating situation

2) s-xual demand for harder or deeper penetration.
1) random dude: i should’ve stopped after the first c-m so i wouldn’t be stuck in this traffic jam. f-ck me.

2) boyfriend:*quickly thrusts tip in and out* me:”stop being such a little b-tch and just f-ck me”
what to say when u wake up earley and relize you didnt do your home work
f-ck me i didnt do my home work
wut u say in order to have rough s-x and when it is screamed it means to do it harder
ah! f-ck me like theres no tommorrow!
to slide your hard c-ck into me, and make me feel good. i want every inch inside my p-ssy!!!!
sliding that hard c-ck into me , as i say “f-ck me i want it all the way in me, slide it in me harder and deeper”

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