jesse alonzo

a manager that works for usaa (united states automobile -ssociation) that looks to do anything in his power to set people up for failure. he is known to be one of the worst managers of all time. he also looks for a way to get people fired for no reason and won’t quit until he gets his way. if you get put on his team don’t ever expect to grow within the company, get a recommendation from him to get another position within the company, or be happy at work. micromanagement is his golden cup!

being that he works for one of the worst companies and is one of the worst managers, this will be anyone’s rock bottom. his name is also coined to resemble any bad manager so your manager doesn’t know your discussing them.
this is the absolute worst! what makes it that way is i’m getting jesse alonzo’d over here. i’m stuck at this dead beat job any feel like i will never get out. this guy is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

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