the active h-m-s-xual male.
chrithtopher, you’re thuch a hot fudgepumper!

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  • funeral doom

    slow depressive metal. the heaviest genre of metal there is….droning guitars and sloth like drums with deep growled/screamed vocals. bands like thergothon, skepticism, funeral, udom, mournful congregation, shape of despair yo mom, i’m gonna go listen to some funeral doom and kill myself.

  • asshole policy

    in any given relationship you have with another person that person is bound to be an -sshole at some point so you mite as well be an -sshole first. example 1 “i knew that the car in front of me was about to cut me off so i implemented the -sshole policy and sped up […]

  • cock blender

    c-ck blender is a f-g bag (negro) who f-cks male c-cks roughly and drinks the c-m and blood when the foul creature (negro) is finished joe: -ow- f-ck tunde! that c-ck blending hurts tunde: mmm… c-m and blood… c-m and blood… c-m and blood… joe: you negro c-ck blender!

  • Hilraquious

    hill-rake-we-uss: the act of being hilarious and obsequious at the same time. attentive hillarity. i once went to a show where it was difficult to tell who was the comedian, and who was my server. they were all so hilraquious.

  • cock blessing

    an honor to recieve as one places one’s c-ck to a female’s forehead which symbolizes strength, loyalty, and fertility; if slapped in a rigorous gesture onto the forehead of a female then this is recognize as a c-ck baptismal. she went on her knees ready to recieve a c-ck blessing.

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