when something stinks and you wanna say f-ck & ew @ the same time
fuñeta ally, you stink like h-ll

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    a very hot s-xy hench guy who everyone loves and gets all the girls wow check out those muscles, he’s such a chakaydee

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    an extremely charming boy who gets all the chicks, he is very obidient and is a gift from god. harry styles is a “saaim”

  • all skin and no sk*ll

    a person in csgo that has many expensive weapon skins and has absolutely no skill when it comes to playing the game that kid sucks at csgo and only has skins all skin and no skill i tell you jimmy mcskillet jr

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  • bologna wrestling

    a specific category of wrestling that involves two or more shirtless male individuals, where the sweat on the exposed skin simulates the textural and audible properties of wet bologna. hey cletus, wanna wrestle? yeah jed, but only if we’re bologna wrestling. what’s that? -removes shirt-

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