fur-bi-cide (noun) – the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of the entire planet’s supply of furbies.

the term “furbicide” did not exist before 1998. it is a very specific term, referring to violent crimes committed against furbies with the intent to destroy the existence of the things. human rights, as laid out in the us bill of rights or the 1948 united nations universal declaration of human rights, concern the rights of individuals and as such do not included these annoying, plastic f-cktards.
tom: so i hear your little kieth got a furby for christmas, sarah.
sarah: yes! yes he did.
tom: i hear they’re awesome….
sarah: you heard wrong! lies it’s all lies. they’re entertaining and cute for about a day but then they won’t shut up no matter what you do they keep talking and talking and talking and you can’t take the batteries out because you can’t find the little screwdriver and they keep talking and talking all the f-cking time until you hit them with f-cking hammers!!!
tom: wow, are you okay? what are you gonna do?
sarah: furbicide!!

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