gamer shot

when you get a sick shot mate.
man in overwatch practice area: -kills immobile enemy from 10 feet away-
man in overwatch practice area: boom d-ckhead, now thats what i call a f-cking gamershot.
when u get a sick shot mate
guy: o sh-t that’s a gamer shot
girl (why a girl?): f-ck u
when you get a sick shot mate
pyrocynical – o sh-t i got gamer shotted™
a sick shot mate.
m81: o sh-t that pro genji just gamer shoted me
m82: oh i just got one sick gamer shot.
when you get a sick shot m8
that pro genji got the sickest gamer shot. hes gonna get play of the game.
“when u get a sick shot mate”

a meme created by the one and only @bigmates and given publicity by @pyrocynical.
pyrocynical video:
original link:
-gets damaged in overwatch-

pyro: “this reapers getting quite a few gamershots.”
when you get a sick shot mate
oh my god he got gamershotted! ~pyro

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