exhibiting symptoms or demonstrating the art and grind of being a gangster
or the level of gangstaosity, one’s gangsta status
1. while jim jones is similar to al pacino in gangstaocity, the two are dissimilar in style.

2. frank: jessica, you f-cking wh-r-. i hate you, you b-tch. i just might kill you.
timmy: he might b-tch. he might say “f-ck the law, f-ck staying out of prison, f-ck my -n-l virginity” and kill you.
frank: tonight.
jessica: i’m sorry guys i couldn’t hear you from across the room.
timmy: he might drive to your street, park around the block, hide in your bushes for a few hours, silently pick your lock and go to your room with his shoes off, put an artillery sh-ll in your mouth (gently, exhibiting high gangsaocity, so you don’t wake up), and set it off, killing you and waking up the neighborhood. all of it.
frank: then i’d rape your dead body.
timmy: yeah, he’d do it so violently that the coroner would think you were raped to death and then head-exploded. you stupid f-cking c-nt wh-r-.
frank: you b-tch, you sl-t, you terd, you -sshole, you jack-ss, you f-ck d-ck f-ck -ss b-tch sheleighly sh-t.
jessica: i don’t even know you guys. i’m calling the po-
timmy: b-tch!

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