garanteed – this proposal pleases me.
would you like a beer old chap?

yeah, garran mush.

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  • gayaphobic

    a version of h-m-phobic, except its towards gay males not lezbians im fine with girls being with other girls, but gay guys are just wrong. im just gayaphobic i guess

  • hottied

    the act of making something look hot. he hottied that car just by being in it.

  • hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock

    extremely m-f-ing hot. can be strengthened by appending “in cairo.” “kansas city in august is hotter than two rats f-cking in a wool sock.” -ichiro suzuki your sister last night was hotter than two rats f-cking in a wool sock in cairo. unfortunately, now it itches.

  • correspoond

    to converse with your partner while spooning. last night while we were cuddling, i just wanted to fall asleep, but she kept trying to correspoond with me.

  • Chicken Star

    an pre-adolecent girl who is pretty. one that you know will one day become very attractive. “dude, this mall is roaming with chicken stars, must be summer vacation.” “there’s chicken stars everywhere. i’ve gotta quit roaming this junior high school.”

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