gated community liberal

a liberal person who preaches diversity and inclusiveness, yet lives within a gated community to avoid the very aspects of life they preach for. a gated community liberal lives in an almost entirely h-m-genous community (with regards to socioeconomics, race, educational attainment, etc.), only consuming other cultures in controlled, sterile settings such as a farmer’s market or concert.

this term may apply to those who do not literally live within a gated community, instead using other means of geographical or economic barriers to divide themselves from “undesirables.” barriers may include, but are not limited to, exclusively rich communities, expensive private schools, country clubs, and other inst-tutions excluding the m-sses in favor of an elite few. any liberal who advocates for diversity yet still seeks out such communities or inst-tutions may be labelled a “gated community liberal,” regardless of the existence of a literal gate.
person 1: we should strive for more equality in education!
person 2: then why did you attend a private school for high school, college, and graduate school?
person 1: well, the public schools around were kind of sketchy. i wouldn’t have been comfortable attending those schools and wouldn’t have gotten the best education because of that.
person 2: typical gated community liberal.

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