so g-y that the word g-y can’t express how g-y he is
man you g-ymore

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  • polish toilet

    polish toilet (croatian and serbian ‘poljski zahod’, ‘poljski wc’), a type of composting toilet sitting in the backyard or a garden of a country or weekend house. typically made of wood and used to top-up the soil fertility. usually placed outside of lights reach, requiring valor and night vision in order to be used after […]

  • kitsu

    a unusally cr-ppy dog, who is fat. only one person likes this dog, and others sometimes do, until they realize what it is. that dog is certainly a kitsu by the way he acts.

  • danmit

    when you mistype ‘d-mnit’ then your friends make fun of you. person one: you spelt that wrong danmit! person two: hahhahahahahaha you spelt that wrong! you dumbo! person one: shut the f-ck up, richard!

  • order disorder

    the inability of a restaurant patron to place an order because they’re overwhelmed by the choices. i experience order disorder every time i see the menu at a bbq joint because there are too many choices.

  • messy v*g*n*

    a messy v-g-n- is a v-g-n- usually covered in s-m-n. like after a creampie when the s-m-n starts to leak out guy: i’m about to c-m girl: pull it out guy: *c-ms on v-g-n-* you have a messy v-g-n- 😉

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