using hair gel to artificially inflate the height of your hair.
ben has really gelevated to new levels for the party tonight!

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  • gelyk

    to get b-m f-ck-d and waste time and suck the life blood of all you’ve been gelyk’d

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    is when you ask for your check at a restaurant and the server climbs up on your table and spells out your total with her feces i went to a place in the poconos and this waitress sh-t on my table,, oh sh-t son, you got a gem job kid,, d-mnnnnnnn boooyeeee!

  • geniophobus

    adjective: the act of being an evil genius. (using deceitful thoughts or lies to get your way.) guy1: dude, i’m getting right in between this girl and her boyfriend and purposely trying to break them up. guy2: how? guy1: because i’m geniophobus.

  • get the sand out

    someone who needs to get the sand out of there v-g-n-… i.e. stop b-tch-ng b/c ppl. have their ian masks on matt wouldn’t shut up so i called him a stupajew and told him to get the sand out

  • get wit it

    get with the program. john: wtf is this uraban dictionary sh-t i’ve been hearing about lately? jane: whaaaat?! you don’t know about ud?? come on homie get wit it!

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