the example of a cool dude that got a large d-ck

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  • Büchele

    1) creator of swag and yolo 2) a person who cannot achieve a b-n-r 3) a person you should keep distance from 4) a duck 5) a person who usually says f-goot instead of f-ggot 6) a person that can walk on fire (hurts himself in the process) oh no it’s a büchele, run before […]

  • bucket lister

    someone having a midlife crisis in the 2010s that is compulsively adding ‘must do’ things to their bucket list. bike shop employee: “since cycling became the new golf, i had another guy drop $10,000 on a road bike, even though he hasn’t exerted himself since he was 12 years old. good luck with that, bucket […]

  • getting fat

    to get impotently and needlessly angry with someone or something, as typified by a fat spotty nerd losing his temper with someone online. little timmy was getting fat with me because i said star trek was a tedious waste of time.

  • buckets on my feet

    a term referring to the rims on a car. “gotta make sure ya see the buckets on my feet” yung joc – goin’ down

  • supercalifuckaliciousexpialadamnit

    the best, fruitiest, most f-ckalicious swear word ever. usage: mostly for being as inappropriate as possible in public. person1: he’s hot. person2: -wolfwhistles in agreement- supercalif-ckalicious-xpialad-mnit.

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