Gentleman’s Penis

a male p-n-s in which is not too big, yet not to small. it has a nice groom job as well as being std free.
guy 1- why does bart get all puss?
guy 2- he has what women call gentleman’s p-n-s

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  • Gentlemental

    something ‘one’ does/says that carries respect and finesse. a handsome guy joe, saves a girl from getting hit by a car then gets her number and begins dating her. that would be an example of being ‘gentlemental’.

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    gerlad stands for a big d-cked person that wins in everything exspecialy love. as stated so in that of the old scroll. to reference ‘the one’. read the scrolls of ancient times and tab for ‘gerlad’.

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    when a dude f-cks a woman, or another dude, in their colostomy hole. “when she got out of the hospital after the accident nothing was open for business below her waist, she had a colostomy” “that must be awful.” “yah, he f-cks the hole” “nice, getting some on the side”

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