girls gone way f-ck-ng wild
we were ggwfw sat-rday nite.

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  • purga-tv

    a state of purgatory caused by cable going out, nothing being on, or a very limited number of channels. person 1: my girlfriend gets like no channels so i’m stuck watching bravo when i go over there. person 2: that sucks. sounds like youre in purga-tv

  • spanish refrigerator

    by far the worst band of all time. guy1:hey, did you become a fan of spanish refrigerator on facebook? guy2: f-ck no, they sound more annoying then jet turbines!

  • snordies

    the combination of athletic sneakers and board shorts, commonly worn by engineering students as a summer alternative to “sneans” it must be warm outside because aiden is in his snordies.

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    1.irritating old people who come down to florida from northern states, drive like maniacs, and should be illegal. 2.disgustin gold people from northern states who wear speedos on our beaches. g-d help us all. why don’t we have a snowbird huntin g season? a seasonal infestation of yankees (as well as midwesterners and canadians) in […]

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