when you are really bored and nothing in the world interests you at this moment that you type two letters four times and now you are reading the definition of the pointless combination of letters you just typed.
i’m bored, lets type ghghghgh

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  • crack em

    when one snorts a line of cocaine, the term ‘crack em’ is used to define this action it is slang australian term for performing this action. ‘ hey mate lets go crack em’ ‘ you cracked em before you came for sure mate’

  • constypation

    when you can see someone frantically typing on a social media site but nothing comes out at the other end. michael seems to be suffering from severe constypation. he’s been typing on andoff for a minute but i don’t see anything in the chat box.

  • french me

    to give me a french kiss. which means kissing with tongues ben asking tom: when i cruise a girl, how long do i have to talk to her before she will french me? tom: that depends on what kind of girl you’re cruising for.which is why i’m gonna aim low!! real low !

  • slay material

    saying that you’re f-ckable, so you’re “slay material.” or that he/she would “tap that.” d-mnnnn, slay material right there.

  • decrustify

    to decrustify oneself. to brush your hair, fix your makeup, change your clothes, use the bathroom, make oneself more comfortable with his or her appearance. to remove “crust” from oneself and to make oneself presentable. hey want to go to the mall? sure, lemme just decrustify real quick. for sure. hey, leslie’s comin’ over! oh, […]

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