enhet för lagring av p-rnografisk data.
en gigabyte av porr motsvarande 1024 megabytes.
nu har jag 200 giggitybytes på datorn och den har börjat bli riktigt slö!
a unit of storage for p-rnography, equal to 1024 megabytes.
“after using up 12 giggitybytes, i only had enough sp-ce left on my drive for a single movie.”
one gigabyte worth of p-rn.
holy sh-t my computer is slow! maybe its because i have over one hundred giggitybytes on here.
an amount of p-rnographic data (equal to 1024 kilobytes) downloaded from the internet.
dude, watching 3 hours of p-rn online will use one giggitybyte of your monthly internet allowance…. (crickets chirping) uhhh, according to my cousin.

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