when a situation or phrase is so funny, you go weaker than after amazing s-x.
it was such a gigglef-ck.
to laugh at something insanely perverted.
i went gigglef-cks while my friend brianna made -rg-sm jokes.
to be struck with an incessant laughing/giggle fit that keeps going on and on at inconvenient times, rendering you f-cked because now you look weird.
person 1: -sitting in a cl-ssroom which is currently silent then happens to think of a funny line from pineapple express that strikes a chord- ahahahahahahahahahahahabuah! -clutching stomach, tears streaming down face, trying to be quiet but failing-

person 2: that man….is suffering a gigglef-ck.
verb: the action of making somebody giggle/laugh hysterically for a long period of time, causing others to become slightly aggrivated
john–laughing at a joke-
eric-dude, shut up, i’m tryna watch inception!!!
john–crying now-
eric-shut the h-ll up john!!!!
john- i’m sorry dude
eric-g-d i can’t hear with you gigglef-cking in the backround
a bunch of people laughing at the same time kinda like abunch of people f-cking at the same time except laughing
my friends tod kelly and jenna were all laughing at once have quiet a giggle f-ck
a gigglef-ck is that feeling u get that some of us have forgotten about
we used to get it alot when we were kids
for no apparent reason u can be sitting there and an all consuming feeling evelopes u that rises up ur body and makes u shake and tingle and sometimes get goosepimples
if often experienced settling into a cold bed
stimpy from ren and stimpy was quite good at gigglef-cks
nuack nuack nuack nuack that gigglef-ck was fantastic!!!!!

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