a human, characterized by pale skin, freckles and bright red hair. “gingers” are generally considered to be inferior to their more melanin-rich brethren, and thus deservingly discriminated against. gingers are thought to have no souls. the condition, “gingervitis” is genetic and incurable.
ron howard is a ginger.

carrot top is a good example of why gingers should be discriminated against.
a rare natural hair colour which inspires odd and sometimes fearful reactions from the more common coloured hair types. typically redheads are believed to be more s-xual than normal, highly artistic, fierce fighters, and to have a greater tolerance for pain than average. the sun is their only real enemy. decendants of vikings. the romans were said to have put red haired males born in the empire into training as soldiers since they were believed to be fierce warriors. rome also gave up on taking ireland due to the number of redheads they saw there.
women with ginger hair are greatly admired in the us yet feared in the uk.

being called a “ginger” is an insult in england but laughable in the us.

famous gingers/redheads: vincent van gogh, thomas jefferson, eric the red, stan laurel, ron howard, katharine hepburn, maud gonne, maureen o’hara, shirley manson, ewan mcgregor, lindsay lohan…etc…
a ginger is, among other things, a person with red hair, freckles and pale skin. some darker skinned or non-ginger haired persons feel compelled to denegrate gingers out of jealousy because a ginger’s look is unique.
men typically love ginger women.
the virgin queen has ginger colored hair! no wonder she she gets nookie from all the men in her court!(she wasn’t a virgin in the least you know)
the most beautiful and wonderful people in the world.
‘hark, i hear the sound of a ginger person approaching, we must bow down to their pure perfection.’
a ginger is a person with red hair.

all previous entries can only be explained by the extreme likelihood that they were written by mentally-handicapped and racist children, who walked in on their mothers having extra-marital intercourse with red-haired men. recently, magazines such as tatler, vogue, and numerous newspapers have heralded this the age of ‘the ginger’ and have called it the new blonde. such articles published a list of numerous celebrities who have dyed their hair red as part of the trend.
damian lewis, nicole kidman, lindsay lohan, phillip seymour-hoffman are all what would be called a ‘ginger’

this list does not include celebrities who have recently begun dying their hair red as part of the ‘new-blonde’ redhead resurgence.
gingers are people who have ginger hair ,the colour can range from a rich auburn, pale blondish red (strawberry blonde), dark copper, fire engine red, flame red, bright orange and so on.

ginger haired people are not queers or mutants. they’re are normal people. they have souls and lives. there are as intrestiing as anyone else!

some gingers are minger some are fit. some blondes are mingers, some are fit. some brunnets are fit. some are mingers. get over it!
damian lewis, nicole kidman, lindsay lohan, phillip seymour-hoffman ariel (lil mermaid!) tori amos queen elizabeth i gerri halliwell gina g julia roberts allyson hannigan katharine hepburn ewan mcgregor elmo the undertaker florence nightengale are all what would be called a ‘ginger’.
people with ginger hair (of whatever shade) are said to be descended from the same gene pool of the vikings.

common australian nickname for any redheaded person is ‘blue’

the natural hair colour can range from a rich auburn, pale blondish red (strawberry blonde), dark copper, fire engine red, flame red, bright orange and so on.
not all gingers have pasty skin and freckles. some tan. some don’t. some have freckles, some don’t.

erik the red in australia would probably called bluey, or blue.

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