when a red head and a jewish person have children, they’re children are reffered to as ‘ginjews’
‘i saw the cutest red headed ginjew in synagogue this morning.’
a hybrid of two historically highly persecuted minorities. it is a ginger of the jewish faith. though quite rare they do exist. as with all racial stereotypes they are mostly untrue. but due to the fact that gingers have a high sensitivity to sunlight and lack of a soul, they are quite devout.
yea my buddy frank is a ginjew. he is the one sitting in the shade over there with the yarmulke.
n. an individual possessing specific defining characteristics that shall be later explored. as an obscure colloquial compound verbal construct its definition is determined by the that of its const-tuents designated by the speaker. the following are possible definitions that may be -ssigned to the components:
1. possessing red hair (common)
2. an individual that frequently imbibes gin or, by extrapolation, any alcoholic beverage, especially the copious imbibing thereof to the point of inebriation (rare; if used then jocularly in combination with primary definition)
1. belonging to the jewish ethnoreligious group
2. belonging to the jewish religious faith
“toby is a ginjew.”

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