Girly man

a man who either acts or looks like a girl.
“hehe that looks so cute!” said bob.
“stop being a girly man, dude.” said bill.
the phrase california governor arnold schwartzenegger used to refer to the democratic legislature in the capital for not appealing to the needs of californians, and also brought criticism from the lesbian, gay, bis-xual and transgender caucus because it was “misogynist as it is anti-gay”

the insult was first used in the sat-rday night live skit “pumping up with hans and frans,” which made fun of schwartzenegger when he was half bodybuilder/half actor.
“if they don’t have the guts to come up here in front of you and say, ‘i don’t want to represent you, i want to represent those special interests, the unions, the trial lawyers … if they don’t have the guts, i call them girly men.”
guys that attend the university of georgia and have nothing better to do than trash gt.
the bulldogs are girly men!
males who are weak, pathetic, soft and consequently possess no upper body strength.
hans and frans: “you are just a bunch of little girly men. we will use our mah-suls to crush you like a grape into wine.”
a man who is cowardly or pathetic. coined “girly” because he is not acting macho.
dave might seem tough but he is nothing but a girly man.
men who are prissy; not excessively masculine.
it was brian’s choice of a pink velvet jacket that caused habitués of the tavern to refer to him as a “girly man,” even though he was legally blonde.
a man who, despite the testosterone pulsing through his veins, seems to also have a certain influx of estrogen.
girlyman: oh honey, this new prada purse is just adorable.
wife: john, you’re scaring me dear.

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