google it you f-cking idiot
what is gr-ss


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  • thats too deep

    three words any and every creature with a sentient mind capable of self recognition in the form of pride, and a p-n-s wants to hear. tony and annie were getting hot and heavy one night on the couch, and she said…”oh god, that’s too deep!” tony simply smiled.

  • swirvzed

    swirvzed: verb, the act of mz losing its marbles and allowing you to be screwed to oblivion and back without even a kiss or lube. usually experienced exclusively during a kvk event. i got swirvzed in the game of war kill event last night.

  • zones urbaines sensibles

    ( sensitive urban zones in english, and abbreviated zus in french of france, also called no-go zones): urban muslim ghettos in major european cities where little or no integration/-ssimilation takes place how can these zones urbaines sensibles exist if we want to integrate and -ssimilate these individuals?

  • gyrocosmos

    gort define gyrocosmos user: gort define gyrocosmos gort: ‘gort define gyrocosmos’ gort: ‘gort define gyrocosmos’ gort: ‘gort define gyrocosmos’

  • *rs*nhole

    someone who is such a selfish, twisted, warped -sshole, so focused on getting off on their fixation on fire that they kill men, women, children and animals in a m-ssive blaze, destroy m-ssive amounts of trees, natural resources, houses, apartment buildings, market places, or other private and public property. you have to be a real […]

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