shining, being the best you can be. stunting on a hater or even your friends slapping a n-gg- or two while wearing now and later gator shoes with a authentic pair of “grillz” from the video ent-tled “grillz” written by nelly. you remember the guy with the bandage under his eye.
jason:(walks in with two b-tches knots in his pocket, a gucci belt then starts to pop bottles of armand de brignac)
jason’s ex girlfriend: sh-t i shouldn’t have broke up with him that n-gg- gleaming right now
group of black gentleman approach: “what you say white b-tch”.
jessica runs away in fear while fleeing the scene jason trips her and pours the bottle of armand de brignac all over her back

jason’s ex girlfriend: your a d-ck jason

jason: slaps jessica and walks over her and said cancel that b-tch like nino brown in new jack city.
leader of the black group artez “pookie” washington says: “d-mn that’s a gleaming motherf-cker”

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