n: a person who is generally slightly lower in the food chain than plankton with the same resulting stupidity
devvo from hull is 100% gloyte

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  • mingsauce

    a unique way of expressing that someone is a minger. doubles up to define a really sweaty, ugly person. “check it, that chick is covered in mingsauce she’s that bad. someone p-ss her several towels.”

  • F*ckwittery

    extremely stupid/mindless behaviour, thoughts, company policies, decisions “right that’s it, i can’t deal with this f-ckwittery any more, just leave my sp-ce now before i am forced to bang some sense into that head of yours”

  • colleened me

    when someone interrupts another who is telling a story or speaking. usually because they think their input is more interesting. you just colleened me.why did you interrupt my story with your own?

  • feces cranium

    a person who has sh-t for brains. bryle is such a feces cranium!

  • filthy boner

    a filthy b-n-r is one that, in the course of festivities, has become covered in filth. rupert woke up with a b-n-r: one that was covered in c-m, poo, vag juice, taco sauce, p-b-s, and dog slobber. “wow,” he thought as he looked up to see cindy’s panties hanging from a floor lamp, “that must […]

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