good night/god bless
‘gn/gb my babies, i love you all’

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  • brute-force math

    using a quick-and-dirty or trial-and-error method rather than a math formula or problem-solving technique to solve a math problem. a grade 5 student solved the following grade 10 question by brute-force math: “find three consecutive whole numbers whose product is 12,144.” knowing that the numbers must be close to the cube root of the product, […]

  • baldlocks

    1. a person with dreadlocks who is balding. 2. the hairstyle of aging trustafarians. moonbean’s baldlocks possess mystic energies as old as burning man 1999.

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    a person who made the quality flipping cringe videos on a youtube channel called “aperturerift” . known today as the famouse youtuber “swagmaster”. it”s tremendous!!! he also has another channel called “dapperskull” which is also very tremondous!!!! zach ayers is tremendous!!! believe me!!!!!!!! , love, donald john trump.

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    very intergenic and attractive but immature individual usually seen with bigger groups of people either girls or other immature guys able to make money fast oh my look at money monkey if only he didn’t act so immature

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    longing for a food you can no longer eat credit: hamish mckenzie the thought of melbourne brunches filled hamish with noshtalgia

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