formal name: g-d
and he, goashas, threw down the sinners to h-ll.

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  • going a g*y party

    when someone you know finally admits he or she is a h-m-s-xual you throw them a coming out party saying farewell to there straightness. did you hear joe finally admitted he was not straight? we should totally throw him a going a gay party

  • going home celebration

    1.(n.) funeral. a very sad event. this term is popular amongst some religious people who believe in the afterlife (i.e. – the person’s soul is going back home to heaven). sister rachel: will you be attending sister lana’s going home celebration, sister beverly? sister beverly: she p-ssed? g-d bless her soul.

  • golden coil of death

    the horrible and huge yellow-tinted cr-p you always seem to have to take during excersize, usually a long way from the nearest toilet. wife: where are your socks and your shirt? husband: in the middle of my hike i got a real gut buster. i dropped a huge golden coil of death in the forest […]

  • go-lightly

    a ‘go-lighty’; noun/adj. made famous in uk.tv hidden camera show where grossly overweight people go round knocking things down inadvertently. ‘look at the size of him/her, mate! what a go-lightly’.

  • gone to pot

    an item which is broken, defective or substandard. two explainations have been historically applied. the first is that in olden times when food was scarce, people would leave the bones, fat and undesireable portions behind after eating their meal. these second-rate items would be used for soup the next day, so as such, the poor-quality […]

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