God Cancer

an overall an overall suc-mbing of sh-tnessnisity

wow niccolo, you really have a bad case of g-d cancer, your right nut is missing

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  • godecker

    a man who looks like jesus, but hung like mary…. man you should shoot that g-decker in the head….

  • god stalker

    a person who is obsessed with g-d and christianity that g-d got freaked out put a restraining order against them. that b-tch is such a g-d stalker, she does nothing but be obsessed with christianity.

  • god time

    the official time down to the minute. sometimes watches can be “fast” or “slow” by a few or a lot of minutes and not always match the world clock. cell phones and computers are the exception since they are regulated and keep a consistent time. the time displayed on your cell phone is g-d time. […]

  • godzilla made of garbage

    “g-dzilla made of garbage” is a term used to describe the ugliness of somebody. originally used by homer simpson, this term is best used in order to re-ssure your partner. “ya, she’s alright-looking, but compared to you she looks like a g-dzilla made of garbage”

  • go for a 10 cats

    british slang – a way of saying you are going for a nap or a sleep. “i want to go for a 10 cats… i’m shattered”

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