1) according to christianity, you aren’t supposed to say the lord’s name is vain, so jesus christ is considered by some to be a swear word. we decided to replace the emotion of disbelief and frustration into another word.

2) also, the hashtag could be used when your friend just simply ruins everything.
friend: why are you drinking coffee at 10pm?
me: time in an illusion, once you realize that, you can transcend and live in bliss
me: -takes sip- also i have a 10 page paper due in the morning and i haven’t started
friend: #goddamitsana

friend: the lawn mower killed my cat!

sana: nah, i just straped it in there before you started

friend: #goddammitsana

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  • Goodwill Gucci

    when a person wear clothes they cannot afford or wear used clothes or knock-offs. you see ryan’s jordan’s? maaaaannn! ryan got that goodwill gucci!

  • Greed Ring

    a ring of hair surrounding a bald scalp, often found on selfish businessmen “that one -sshole guy on shark tank has a greed ring!”

  • Hailalele

    when you start hailing, but realize there are 20 jews in the room with you, so you start singing hailalele. adolf hail… alele hailalele hailalele jews oh that guys ok, he’s just singing.

  • hexannaully

    happens six times per year or every two months. the meeting will take place hexannaully in january, march, may, july, september, november.


    the formal way to say i don’t even give a cr-p. teacher: i had so much fun this weekend! student: idegac!

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