n.- a face made by lolling out the toung in a flat roll, puffing out the cheeks, and having bulging, crossed eyes. it was originally made by a cigar roller named gookie and was made famous by adolf (harpo) marx.
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( u ) a gookie looks somewhat like this letter face.
1. a very uncool cat
2. a word used in place of any other noun used to describe a person
1. i was busy doing a triple backflip off of the empire state building when some stupid gookie tried to talk to me. so i made him shine my shoes.
2. watch out! stupid gookie, 12 o’clock. (watch out! teacher, 12 o’clock)
n.- a google cookie, each with it’s own user identification number, for the sole purpose of logging every search entry of an individual for ident-ty profiling, probably to the world’s largest clandestine mainframe computer, to begin the first steps for surveillance of the entire human race.
my last google cookie id number: pref=id=aff7df257fd0d28d
one of the following:

a. a child of a man or woman from laos, cambodia, vietnam, j-pan, china, korea (north and/or south), mongolia, the phillipines, midway, or taiwan.

b. one’s n-ts-ck.

c. sensei
d-mn look at that f-ck-ng gookie.

man, someone get me some lotion, my gookie is stickin to my leg!

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