better than gorgeous.xxx
my boyfriend is gorgelious! x

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  • rectal clap

    when you are sucking in air thru your -ss to make a fart but you push out your muscles while holding your b-tthole open. it makes a clapping sound and makes a rancid smell. i was gonna b-tt suck but then i felt my b-tthole stay open so instead i just had some rectal claps.

  • scrandled

    the state of being high from smoking a potent dose marijuana. “d-mn kyle, that weed was good as h-ll. h-ll yeah pierre! i’m f-cking scrandled!”

  • fingerless fun

    the act of having s-x but not using any body parts. this can be achieved by imagining someone else having s-x with you (or vice versa), as you will feel as if someone (who does not exist) is an -n-l driller, ravaging your insides. chris: hey john, have you seen matthew recently? john: no, last […]

  • p**per scoopin

    b-ttf-cking an ice cream scoop did you see everette? he’s walking funny ever since he did that p–per scoopin!

  • akit yut

    “akit yut” refers to stomach-ache, bloating, pain in the stomach or abdomen. ” i’m sorry sir, had akit yut at home. “

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