a bad-ss term for someone that is a gossip machine
that b-tch is such a gosner!!

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  • goth poser

    someone who is too much of a loser to be a loser so he has to pretend hto be a loser. acutally spelt goth poseur “i weaar all black and worship satan! fear me because i listen to marilyn manson and that makes me hardcore. i’m going to sit in a dark corner and cry […]

  • got looks on her

    description of a hot little female. shout out team b. to say, “that girl got some looks on her,” it would mean “that girl was d-mn good looking.”

  • goyishness

    the state of not having it (in a cultural sense), whatever you take it to be. the goyishness of the two-party state

  • gozintas

    a universal word for everything and anything that is a noun. “check out the gozintas on that chick.” “holy sh-t, i just got kicked in the gozintas.” “that woman just drove into a house! i don’t think her gozintas are all there.”

  • gramarye

    of, or relating to occult practices; necromancy have you heard “gramarye” by remy zero? (sorry i currently lack the creativity to come up with a sentence that would only appeal to some young “wiccan”)

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