grammar natzi

some one who fails at being a “grammar n-z-”

galahad: “bgone grammar natzi fascist! ur kinds not welcome in thes lands!”

real grammar n-z-: “failure.”
an extreme troll. not to be confused with grammar n-z-s. they misspell their names to lure in victims, then unleash a wolfaboo tantrum of trolling. grammar natzis, unlike grammar n-z-s, should be avoided.
i got into an argument with a grammar natzi the other day. he kept trolling me.
a person correcting others on spelling/grammar mistakes when it isn’t the time or place for language lectures.

synonym: spelling natzi.
civilian: “bwhahaha dey pwnorz u wif there carbine!”

ss: “dude, you don’t say ‘there’, it’s their! n00b!”

joe: “bgone grammar natzi fascist! ur kinds not welcome in thes lands!”

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