when someone posts on a very old thread on a forum, it is called gravedigging.

gravedigging is frowned upon because the topic of the thread is usually dead – hence the term gravedigging.

fall0utlover: i absolutely loved fallout 2 and i can’t wait until black isle releases fallout 3.


loser101: i can’t wait for fallout 3 either, but isn’t it being made by bethesda?


fall0utlover: please don’t post on old topics and stop gravedigging.
1) digging up a corpse
2) on a forum, when you post on a thread that has not been posted on in a long time
1) yo the po-po caught some kids grave digging looking for some jewlery in the caskets
person a
december 13,2006: those are some hot shoes you got there

person b
july 27, 2008: d-mn bro those shoes are poppin how much you pay for those

person a or c
july 27, 2008: grab your shovels boys were going grave digging!
a derogatory term for cigarette-smoking. a carton of cigarettes would be referred to as a shovel”, a pack would be referred to as a “spade”, what’s your digging preference?
bro i got a 6 pack and a spade i’m fixing to start grave-digging
a new hxc dance invented by reece himself, where the bad-ss grips his/her hands around and imaginary shovel and pretends to dig his/her grave while jumping around wildly in a extreme motion so you look possessed… by hardcore dancing
d-mn!!!! did you see reece gravedigging in the pit!?!? he was f-cking everyone up with his awesome power!! 😮

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