Gravity gun

the “weapon” used by gordon freeman in half life 2 and following episodes. it’s original name is the ‘zero-point energy field manipulator’, and was originally made to handle radioactive materials, but, as alyx says, “it’s normally used for heavy lifting.”
it doesn’t need any ammunition, since it isn’t actually a gun. it can pick up objects from milk cartons to saws to barrels, and even the combine when given a charge, to use as weapons. when in normal condition, it glows orange-ish yellow, but when charged in a confiscation backfire in the citadel, it glows bright blue and shakes slightly, showing it to be unstable.
it has been voted the best videogame weapon by several game review companies because there are few limits to what can be used as a weapon.
alyx: this (motioning to the gravity gun) is the gravity gun my father was talking about. you can call it the ‘zero point energy field manipulator’ if you really want to. it’s designed to handle hazardous materials, but we mainly use it for heavy lifting.

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