green hole

1.) (n.) an unwashed or otherwise smelly v-g-n-l orifice. referred to as such for the unsubstantiated belief that such v-g-n-s emit a visible green cloud of noxious, toxic stench.

2.) (n.) term used to describe a woman in possession of a v-g-n- that suffers from the aforementioned malady.
1.) can you believe it, juan? i mean who knew miss krupitzer had a green hole? i swear to christ, i went down on that thing and d-mn near gagged.

2.) after doug sampled every girl on the cheerleading squad, he confirmed that nicole and heather were to be avoided; they’re green holes. he’s still swilling listerine a week later.
a person who thinks that they are so green they actually do more damage to the industry than actually do good.
john told billy that he should by a hybrid, but billy drives a truck for his construction job. billy tries to explain that this isn’t possible yet because the truck he needs doesn’t exist, but john insists that billy is just being lazy. john is being a real greenhole about the situation.

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