a greebo is a person who listens to rock/punk/metal music and doesn’t follow fashion trends.
they don’t usually cl-ss themselves as being a greebo but are -ssigned that t-tle by trendies/rudes. some of them may look quite threatening but generally they are all around nice people and they resist starting fights or arguments with people who do follow trends. however, if you were to ask one if they had anything against trendies or rude boys their answer would seldom be ‘no’. almost all greebos have some kind of disliking towards trendies mainly because they make their lives h-ll. abuse is hurled at them when they walk down the street and they frequently get the cr-p beaten out of them for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they are different.
greebos also seem to be fairly itelligent people if not it one way, they are bound to be intelligent in another, this may contribute to why greebos rarely start fights with trendies and rudes, because they are intelligent enough to know that it wont solve anything.
greebos are alternative people who just want to be treated fairly.
trendies: -sniff the air- look, theres something that looks nothing like us, lets make it’s life a living h-ll.
idiotic-sounding definition for a person who likes heavy metal/rock etc. used by members of the flock to pigeonhole individuals into a category. describes a person who won’t follow boring trends or be brainwashed by the constant stream of waste excreted from the filthy abyss of the pop music industry.
look at those gloves! you f-cking greebo. you want to get yourself some calvin klein gear. beat her up, babe.
greebo was originally a word meaning bikers on big harleys that usually have long hair. now it generally anyone who has a life, me being an art student get called a ‘greebo’ for wearing normal not-baggy yet not-tight clothes.
‘greebo’s are the peace-keepers reguardless of the fact that they are the ones looking intimidating.
experiment: walk around uptown and see how many people insult me wearing different clothing
results-baggy clothing: i was shouted at many-a-time by yobs, things like ‘greeb’ ‘greb’ ‘f-ckin gareebo’. when i replied i got told to ‘shut the f-ck up you stupid ginge’ (i dye my hair bright red)
results-normal clothing: generally the same. no difference at all. people shouting at me, insulting, etc
results-burberry clothing: i didnt get shouted at, not even once, i even got asked out by this moron with his eyebrow pierced.
end of test results conclusion: yobs must be shot on sight, not the townies because some have proven to be good friends reguardless of what people look like.
there are many different types of people who make up the greebo population. all of them are different but have one or two things in common, they listen to rock & roll of different types and dont wear fashionable clothes. yeah they may look a bit stuipid sometimes but theyt really dont give a f-ck. they dont have a problem with non greebos so all the stuff about greebos being trouble makers who cause fights and problems with non greebos is cr-p. greebos will cause not much problem. im not saying their are squeaky clean but they dont go looking for trouble. they just wanna have a good time. greebos and goths often get mixed up which is stupid because if you knew what a greebo was and what a goth was then you know the difference. oh yeah and they are quick clever and witty so watch out. im a goth so you can say this is bias if you want but i couldnt really give a f-ck. like when people shout abuse at me for being a goth, i couldnt give a f-ck. people say all this cr-p about individuality being fake. i say f-ck off and mind your own buisness like greebos do. if you gonna insult someone, know your facts. case closed. no more problems then.
someone who wants to cause trouble – greebo, what the f-ck you think you are,greebo, you look so stupid,greebo, you wanna fight, greebo, cuz your not like me, im trying to make you look small and silly, greebo.

person who is being accused of being greebo – f-ck off you silly tw-t and come back when you know the meaning of the word
greebos r peole who dont start on others for no reason. they wear wot they want when they wanna wear it and don’t give a f–k wot every one else thinks. greebos only brand chavs as ‘chavsc-m’ because they wear cheap cr-p and start on anyone who has more than a pyjama lookin tracksuit. if chavs never started on greebos then there would be no problem.
chav: oi look brud theres a greeb!
-other chavs laugh-
other chav:lets get him boyz!
oi u bla bla
greeb:do i know u?
chav:look lads he’s being rude
other chav:oh sh-t i’m still wearin my pj’s quick bak to my biffa bin!

chavs run off screamin n greebo shrugs n walks away.
greebo, the only perfect race!!!
“ooooooooooooooooh arnt those greebos georgus!!!”
word used to cl-ss people with an alternative taste in music (him, muse, franz ferdinand, zeromancer and the like) and an alternative taste in casual/smart attire. (duffs, quiksilver, o’neill, vans, etnies erc) it is commmonly used as an insult by trendies,chavs,scallies and hard-knocks, from which most ‘greebos’ can give suitably scathing comebacks.

‘greebos’ very often wear loose fitting trousers (preferably jeans) or branded 3/4 lengths of the brands named above and can almost always been seen in a t-shirt/shirt with an amusing quote on the front, or a band name. female ‘greebos’ can often be seen wearing stripy socks, fishnet gloves, clothes with rainbow patterns and other striped items of casual wear. many ‘greebos’ also like to skateboard and enjoy taking part in many other extreme sports.
scallie/chav/townie/hard-knock : yo ma homies. der is a dirty greebow down dere innit. lets jump da f-cka.

greebo : well i’ll just be moving out the way then won’t i. dirty greaseb-lls…

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