Green Lip

a dark discolouration of the lips, both the labium superius and the labium inferius, as a result of smoking a poorly constructed joint or using low quality papers or roach material. by no means occurring frequently, when it does happen it can be notoriously difficult to clean off, and may require the use of a damp flannel or other rough material.

usually a brown hue, green lip can sometimes be detected by feel (the lips can become slightly sticky) but is invariably pointed out to the sufferer by a smoking buddy. those smoking alone may only realise they are suffering from green lip when looking in a mirror or meeting another person.

the name does not come from the colour of the residue left on the lips, but from the cause of the colouration – green.
“mate, you got some sh-t on your lip.”
“sh-t man, its this joint, it’s given me f-ckin’ green lip, you better give it a dry or something.”

“it was well embarr-ssing, i had a sneaky joint before the interview to ‘g’ me up a bit but realised after the interview i had some serious green lip goin’ on.”

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