a dooche, a f-g, fat, man sl-t
look theres santa clause! cough cough fatty!!!!!

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  • griping guts

    old fashioned name for a belly ache, stomach cramps, any abdominal discomfort i’ve had griping guts ever since i ate that chili and ice cream.

  • groagan

    the cl-ssic good sh-t. not too big or too small. easy to unload and clean up after; no mess with a clean pinch off. usually firm without being hard, solid and grease free. often takes only a few wipes to clean up. a p–p you can be proud of. -the opposite of diarrhea guy 1 […]

  • groin gravy

    noun. the v-g-n-l discharge of blood produced by the uterus on a montly basis during a woman’s reproductve years; menstrual blood (army usage, circa 1985) i wanted to f-ck her, but she was on the rag and i didn’t want to get my c-ck covered with groin gravy. the clear sauce you put on a […]

  • groiny

    the physical act of intercourse. “they’re getting groiny”

  • grot pot

    an awesome term for a c-nt. it’s like a pot and it’s grotty. “hey, im snazzy graham and i’m going to put my heavy c-ck in your grot pot and do s-x for a bit.”

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