1. seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable.
2. having to do with or pertaining to greg.
“you’re not very gregarious, are you?”

“well, of course not. my name is sean.”
the funnest word in the english language to use out of context when used in a response to a serious question. it misleads and confuses the interrogator. the real definition means ” tending to -ssociate with others of one’s kind” but no one in their right mind knows that. when a person is responding to a question it is always best to follow up the statement with “that’s why they call me gregarious.” coined from brad pitt’s line in the movie the -ss-ssination of jesse james by the coward robert ford. .
girl: so what are we exactly?
boy: well i’ve never been one for serious relationships really. guess that’s why the call me gregarious.
also known as “oldgregarious,” meaning seeking and enjoying the company of others while dressing and acting as old greg.
you might call me gregarious, or even oldgregarious! know why? i’m old greg! my office is filled with all things that are good.

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