arthur, 1872–1922, irish nationalist leader: a founder of sinn fein.
d(avid lewelyn) w(ark)
[wawrk] /wɔrk/ (show ipa), 1875–1948, u.s. film director and producer.
a town in nw indiana.
a male given name, form of .
contemporary examples

i wasn’t surprised to learn many years later that griffith was indeed a rock-solid liberal.
ode to sheriff taylor michael tomasky july 2, 2012

griffith stadium would play a key role in sports history more than five decades later under the kennedy administration.
the presidents who made america’s sports evan weiner february 16, 2014

more to the point, mr. robinson, is whether griffith would get the award today.
hollywood’s attack on the jews richard cohen november 1, 2010

it took griffith a while to remember who knox was, at first.
what amanda knox is up to now winston ross, barbie latza nadeau march 24, 2013

this rapprochement was the birth of a nation that griffith evoked when he changed the name of his movie from the clansman.
the fight to ban ‘birth of a nation’ jack schwartz november 19, 2014

historical examples

so griffith had to sit with her, and excellent likenesses the man produced; but a horrible one of the child.
the atlantic monthly, volume 18, no. 106, august, 1866 various

now carrick bawled that out, and griffith, who was at the door, heard it.
the atlantic monthly, volume 18, no. 105, july 1866 various

doctor griffith, chaplain and surgeon in the virginia line, on business highly important with the commander-in-chief.
from farm house to the white house william m. thayer

griffith rose, and embraced him with his arms and lips, after the fashion of the day.
the atlantic monthly, volume 18, no. 105, july 1866 various

griffith was specially interested in the study of cryptogamic plants.
makers of british botany; a collection of biographies by living botanists various

arthur. 1872–1922, irish journalist and nationalist: founder of sinn féin (1905); president of the free state -ssembly (1922)
d(avid lewelyn) w(ark). 1875–1948, us film director and producer. he introduced several cinematic techniques, including the flashback and the fade-out, in his masterpiece the birth of a nation (1915)

masc. proper name, from welsh gruffydd, probably from latin rufus, from rufus “red.”

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