antoine jean
[ahn-twan zhahn] /ɑ̃ˈtwan ʒɑ̃/ (show ipa), baron, 1771–1835, french painter.
historical examples

the gros airain, he declares to be the little bell of the palaces.
a world of wonders various

it’s nothing then but the gros moyens; all his delicacy perishes.
the tragic muse henry james

i will give you,’ he said, ‘twenty rees and gros ventres to escort you past the hostile camp.’
old indian days [aka ohiyesa], charles a. eastman

the grosvenor (gros veneur), great hunter, was a royal servant.
the romance of names ernest weekley

a gros ventre boy saw them, but did not know what they were, so he got up from his desk and went close to the teacher.
hesperothen; notes from the west, vol. ii (of 2) w. h. russell

“you must be kind to gros, herr,” said the old swiss reproachfully.
the crystal hunters george manville fenn

fortunately edith, who was nearest to the door, was completely shrouded from gros jean’s observation.
the albert gate mystery louis tracy

gros has been looked upon as a companion by andregg for these many years.
the crystal hunters george manville fenn

gros stands far above david and all his rivals in his power of 210 perception.
the history of modern painting, volume 1 (of 4) richard m-th-r

however, i achieved my purpose, which was to overhear gros jean’s request.
the albert gate mystery louis tracy

baron antoine jean (ɑ̃twan ʒɑ̃). 1771–1835, french painter, noted for his battle scenes

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