sir austen henry
[aw-stuh n] /ˈɔ stən/ (show ipa), 1817–94, english archaeologist, writer, and diplomat.
historical examples

layard had found four hitt-te seals in the palace of sennacherib at nineveh.
archology and the bible george a. barton

not less than two miles of bas-reliefs were thus brought to light by mr. layard.
self-help samuel smiles

corn from north america, he thought, growing side by side with the vua of layard.
the world that couldn’t be clifford donald simak

layard (discoveries, p. 163) gives a sketch of one of these objects.
a history of art in chalda & -ssyria, v. 1 georges perrot

one such chamber, uncovered by layard, at koyunjik, proved a perfect mine of treasures.
chaldea znade a. ragozin

the so-called archive of -ssurbanipal in chambers 40 and 41 on layard’s plan.
the history of antiquity, vol. iii (of vi) max duncker

nothing—in the east—but, rightly or wrongly, we have decided upon a monogamous system; a man can’t marry two wives, miss layard.
stella fregelius h. rider haggard

see layard’s “nineveh and its remains,” for examples of all these.
ancient armour and weapons in europe john hewitt

his princ-p-l excavation was, however, carried on over what layard called the library chamber of this palace.
myths & legends of babylonia & -ssyria lewis spence

these through the labours of layard and r-ssam have been restored to us.
myths & legends of babylonia & -ssyria lewis spence

sir austen henry. 1817–94, english archaeologist, noted for his excavations at nimrud and nineveh

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