guacamole randolph

when you are having s-x with a woman of hispanic origin and make her push an avocado out of her sn-tch .
i was with juanita and showed her the guacamole randolph

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    rip style is farting without sh-tting your pants. generally, it’s where the fart gains enough momentum and slides past the p–p. often times carrying with it absolute destruction and chaos. i took that girl out on a date last night and hit rip style in her face and she choked on her food.

  • pudding fingers

    the act of fingering the b-tthole while your partner has diarrhea. making your fingers appear to be covered in chocolate “pudding”. i fingered her b-tt and got pudding fingers!

  • ungrateful *sshole

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    when you’re in the restaurant industry and all the random beans, guats and other -ssorted minorities are off for the day…generally on a tuesday hey bro, how’s your day? great man it’s all american tuesday…even though we have no dishwashers or line cooks, we are having a great day for some reason

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