1. a person not yet a resident of an inst-tution/ household but instead a “lurker;” someone who is a temporary arrival.

2. a person that uses a feature on roblox to either:

a. try out roblox as a completely benign player (rare)

b. act as a noob and delete people’s creations as well as teamkilling (“friendly fire”)

the latter is the reason why a good proportion of roblox’s elitists wish to restrict or even remove the guest feature altogether.
1. man1: d-mn those f-ckers! they took my tea again without asking!

man2: those guests must leave if they don’t act politely.

2. noobonroblox: c-mz onz! f-x y@ur cr3@ation! -deletes many things like h-ll-

properuser: f— you! -reports using the roblox report feature which rarely works on guests as they are temorary “accounts”-
typically a noob, and/or someone who doesn’t know anything about what is going on. usually said when playing halo.
jake: that guy just blew himself up!! he obviously has no idea what is going on.

cody: wow what a guest!!

guest: :'(
a man who is naive and inexperienced with women, and typically under-performs in bed.
sarah: the guy i had s-x with last night did not have a clue what he was doing.
greg: bit of a guest, huh?
a member at who has the most posts at the current time.
guest had a radom™ war with techerakh.
the technical definition is a person who visits the disney theme parks. but it has a more subtle definition that is more accurate.

generally under-educated egotistical stupid tourists
the way the guest comes up to the cast members who work for disney and demand things that are not available or they perform acts that are unsafe to themselves of others and then complain when the cast member asks them nicely to stop for their safety. (for example: slacking their seat belts on tower of terror even when the cast member has told them not to…. also how the annual p-ss holders think they know the attraction better than the people that actually work there every day.
a customer at any disney theme park.

see also: cast member, fastp-ss, backstage, onstage, lead
please ask the guest to get his kid out of the tree.
weed, marijuana, dope
the guest shall be arrving soon

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