long term diarrhea
that guoray is tough to deal with.

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  • guscott

    1. extraordinarily handsome 2. perfect, supreme being, generally believed to be the ruler or the creator of, and/or immanent within, the universe. 3. not boyd 4. pimp daddy. 5. an extremely large p-n-s “oh that guy is almost guscott like” guscott ” suck my d-ck” girl1 ” ok!”

  • guybrarian

    a male librarian, a rarity in many library settings. also refers to male library school students. i heard the school just hired a new guybrarian.

  • gwetto

    (adj)-a silly white kid from a small hick town who thinks that they are from the city and they are hard and from the ghetto “g-d you stupid gwetto jew!”

  • sh*tstock

    any large public gathering with human beings over the age of 35 in attendance. even sh-ttier than woodstock. dude 1: whoa check out that wedding, i’d bang the bride for sure. let’s see if we can crash it. dude 2: nah man, look at all the grey hairs there it’s a total sh-tstock.

  • sh*tter nitter

    when food tastes really bad this burgar is a sh-tt-r nitter!

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