a bad -ss motherf-cker last name and whoever has it is a boss
dylan gural is a boss

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  • god has left us

    a well-known saying in many middle and high schools across the usa. -sees terrible/cheesy joke- “god has left us, mate.”

  • chains blanging

    21 savage lord lyric chains blanging hold up but you dont want to do us your babe on the bus eating the tour bus

  • confl*sticated

    when you are so cocained that you cant event think about what you are even trying to think about, and have to -ssess your thoughts before your mouth even contemplates exhaling them. “confl-sticated” when your asking trig to phone for more and he stares at the screen of the phone for 5 minutes then decides […]

  • subcrushing

    when you have a crush on a bunch of people at the same time, but don’t admit it. did you know that jackson smith is subcrushing?

  • b*tchin rest face

    the opposite of resting b-tch face. when someone’s p-ssive expression is so awesome that it can only be described as b-tchin’. guy: who’s that girl, is she a supermodel? other guy: no she just has a b-tchin’ rest face.

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