1. b-tch (also see “sl-t magnet”)

2. one who has mousy like features but also attracts sl-ts in giant droves.

3. one who is and never can escape from being a b-tch…and is also mousy-like.
1. man…those sl-ts just wont leave that guyer alone.

2. where did all these sl-ts come from. oh…guyer’s here.

3. dude…alicea is almost as bad as a guyer.
the obsessive and relentless sharing of humorous links. links are most often sent in groups of random and unrelated topics, but may also be dispersed slowly throughout the day. they always lack an accompanying description or comment pertaining to the content to be viewed.

links are not from typical sources such as digg or reddit, and are generally entertaining. alas, the m-ss quant-ty sent within a short window make the information hard to digest.
“did you see that link from steve?”
“yea… he was really guyering me the other day.”

“omg! you have to see this! and this one too! ok. last one. sorry. i didn’t mean to guyer you.”
a guy who has an extreme pre pre–j-c-l-t–n problem. whereas at the slightest hint of arousal, he shoots a huge load like a geyser. this also renders him completely useless in the area of s-xual performance.
don’t date that guy, i hear he’s a real guyer.

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